Our investment philosophy is based on the long term experience and was mainly developed to provide asset allocation solutions for personal funds.

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Strategy Consulting

We develop customized solutions for our clients based on the extended experience in strategy and management consulting as well as offer transaction and project management.

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Legal Advice

We help to resolve legal challenges in international environment and unwind difficult cases for our clients. Our advisory is based on the experience with own companies thus offering a unique perspective.

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Assess Situation, Develop and Implement Solutions

We help our clients through a three stage approach. At the beginning all the facts are gathered in order to fully assess the situation and its complexity. The solid assumptions are made, if there are no true facts available.

Based on facts and assumptions the first solutions are developed, agreed upon and extensively tested in a prototype mode.

In the implementation phase the chosen solution is transfered into running environment. In addition monitoring tools are installed to swiftly react upon changes in financial and political environment.